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Earned Wage Access (EWA) or On-demand salary is a service where an employer lets employees access a portion of their real-time earned salary any time before the actual payday. The remainder of the salary is credited to the employee on the scheduled payday as usual.

Refyne’s plug and play solution integrates seamlessly with the employer’s attendance and payroll management system and uses this data to provide real-time earned salary access to the staff. The employer’s working capital status does not undergo any change. Refyne fronts the withdrawal and credits the money to the employees’ salary account, without disrupting the organization’s payroll process.

Refyne’s integration on an average takes anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks and each partnering employer is assigned a dedicated account manager for support throughout the process.

Employees can sign up on Refyne’s app (Android) or via a web browser (iOS). Refyne connects the employee’s data provided by the employer, allowing staff members to track their salary details, including the amount they can retrieve and balance earned salary.

Refyne stores sensitive data securely behind a firewall, which is accessible only to parties with explicit permission from the user. Refyne, which is ISO 27001 Certified, is compliant with the guidelines set by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

Based on your attendance and monthly salary, Refyne calculates your earned salary daily, which you can see on Refyne’s app and a percentage limit on the withdrawal is set by your employer and HR. You can check this limit on the Refyne app real-time.

Unlike other financial products, Refyne does not charge any interest, convenience or documentation charges. We only charge a per-transaction processing fee that could be as low as INR 9/- (GST excluded). You can see the detailed fee breakup on the app at the time of salary withdrawal.

Access to earned salary before the payday requires various partners like banking, technology, payroll to incur costs to make the facility available to employees. The processing fee enables Refyne to provide you on-demand pay to suit your needs.

Refyne does not charge any interest. You only need to pay only a fixed per-transaction processing fee.

When you sign up using your email, we verify the address against the data provided by your employer. This error is displayed because (a) Your email and details have not been uploaded by your employer’s HR team, or (b) You’re using a different email address that does not match the one provided by your employer. You can contact your HR team to check the status for both cases.

As per the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) guidelines, in order for banks or NBFCs to transfer any amount to a customer’s account, KYC process must be mandatorily completed. This is a one-time process and it takes less than two minutes to upload the documents directly on Refyne’s app.

The verification processing is instant, not more than two hours.

The best way to verify the address is Aadhaar based authentication. However, you need to ensure your mobile number is linked with your Aadhaar. Refyne also accepts driver’s license, voter’s card, rental agreement or a Letter from your employer’s HR as address proof.

When an employee requests a salary withdrawal, Refyne transfers the amount directly to their bank account. Therefore, we require you to enter bank details to authenticate account owner details.

After an employee provides us bank details, we deposit INR 1 to authenticate the account, which helps us ensure that account belongs to the registered employee.

Your KYC could be incomplete due to following reasons (a) Your uploaded selfie doesn’t match the specifications mentioned (b) Your PAN details have not been uploaded as per the set format (c) There’s discrepancies with your address proof or (d) Your bank details don't match your personal details. The app will guide you to upload the right document.

We deduct the processing fee for the salary withdrawal amount and deposit the balance amount in your bank account. Refyne sends the details of the fee as a withdrawal summary to your registered email. This can also be found on the app.

Currently only 4% of India’s population uses credit cards, paying service and interest charges. Refyne is an employee benefit app, which charges zero interest. Employees can withdraw their earned salary before the company’s payday at a flat transaction fee.

No, your Net payable salary is visible on the app.

No, you can only withdraw a percentage of your earned salary.

No, tracking is free.

Transactions by employees will be reconciled/adjusted in their salary and reflected in their salary slip.

Yes, Refyne uses the details for the photo and address verification process.

Yes, but the account should be registered under the employee’s name.

Yes, while Refyne is useful during a crisis, it can be also be used to cover non-critical, routine and leisure expenses.

Post exit, an employee’s salary withdrawal cap lock date can be set at the HR's discretion.

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