Refyne - India’s first earned wage access platform

Refyne’s initiative to recognize financial wellness

  • Every minute 30 people migrate from rural areas to Indian cities

  • Allocation for education was upped to INR 99,300 crore in Budget 2020-21

  • India’s NBFCs are estimated to increase by 9.5% in FY22

Despite these pursuits, India is home to one of the world’s largest unbanked populations - 190 million people - with less than 10% of Indians having access to formal credit, as per World Bank data.

Personal finance has been relegated to a dismal and ignored position in our country.

And Refyne is set to change this narrative.

At Refyne, we believe financial freedom lies at the heart of productive and prosperous populations, organisations, and economies. By giving financial wellness the due significance it deserves, we are creating an ecosystem that enables better control of personal finance.

Refyne Employers’ Alliance Program (REAP) is a premium program established to recognise and honour companies, individuals who are actively building a culture of financial wellbeing and inclusion at workplaces.

Apart from offering membership benefits and privileges, REAP also awards employers for spearheading employees’ financial wellness goals on an annual basis.

The recognition is based on companies’ Financial Culture Index and participants are ranked on their role and contribution towards financial wellbeing.

Watch this space for more information